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Albert Juhé Lluveras

Front-End Developer | JavaScript Engineer

I am a Front-End Developer and JavaScript engineer with more than seven years of professional experience. In the last years, I have been specialized with React and Flux methodology (including Redux and Alt.js).

I have worked in small, medium-sized and big teams, always with people from different nationalities, languages and cultures. I have experience working on-site (both in my home country and abroad) and as a remote worker

All the projects I do for fun are published with open-source licenses in my GitHub account, including react-lazy-load-image-component and threejs-procedural-building-generator. I have also contributed to many open-source projects including Firefox and other projects from Mozilla.

I am a strong believer of the open web and open-source software.

Professional Experience

JavaScript Engineer at Automattic



I am a member of the WooCommerce team in Automattic working as a JavaScript Engineer.

JavaScript Engineer at Curelator



I was the main JavaScript Engineer and Front-End Developer at Curelator for over three years. During that time, I made contributions to many different projects, the most important ones being a Clinician Dashboard developed from scratch with React and Alt (Flux implementation) and a collection of interactive visualizations written with D3.js.

Other tasks included developing a PDF user report that was auto-generated from a dynamic HTML/JS page and implementing the company's corporate site and emails.

Webpack, Mocha, PhantomJS and WordPress are some other tools we used.

In Curelator I learned how to start a project from scratch and how to deal with the responsibility of taking the decisions relative to the front-end side of the project.

Front-End Developer at Bownty

CityCopenhagen, Denmark


I was a Front-End Developer in Bownty, first as an intern and later as a full-time employee.

There were two different versions of the page, one for tablet and desktop and another one for mobile. Both of them shared the content but had a completely different layout.

Backbone with Marionette, Grunt and Jasmine are some of the tools I used when developing the desktop and mobile site.

I was also responsible of the Android app, made using Phonegap (Cordova).

In Bownty I learned how to work in medium-sized teams and how to deal with the code of a big application. I also acquired the responsibility of deploying code directly to production.

Web Developer at Sanabre Comunica

CityBarcelona, Spain


I was a Web Developer in Sanabre Comunica. My job consisted of creating websites using different CMS like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla or Magento. This included designing its visual image, setting up the server, programming PHP or JavaScript when it was necessary and manipulating the database if required.

During those months I learned how to work with delivery dates and to be in touch with clients.

Junior Front-End Developer at OK Apartment

CityBarcelona, Spain


I was the CSS writer and JavaScript programmer of the company's websites as well as validating all the HTML pages' code, applying microformats and fixing the design for old versions of Internet Explorer.

I created a family of eleven Drupal blogs about travels and OK Apartment's destinations and I designed some special Facebook pages for the company. I learned a lot about CSS, JavaScript, Drupal and web standards. According to my employer I worked very well and I had a good communication with the other members of my team.

More work experience...
Author at Bits Catalans


For more than two years I wrote in one of the biggest blogs about software and Internet in Catalan, Bits Catalans. My special topics were the Open Web and open-source software. It was awarded with the most important blog awards in Catalonia (Premis Bloc Catalunya 2011) and became part of, the biggest network of blogs in Catalan language.

During those two years I wrote more than 270 posts.

Personal Teacher


Winters from 2008 to 2010: I gave personal and private classes to various Secondary Education students to help them with Mathematics and Physics.

Shop Assistant at La Botiga de l'Anxova

CityL'Escala, Girona, Spain


Summers from 2004 to 2010: I was working in an ice-cream shop in L'Escala, Girona.


Computer Science Bachelor at Pompeu Fabra University

CityBarcelona, Spain


From September 2012 to February 2013 I studied in Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg (Germany) in an Erasmus plan.

You can read my Computer Science Bachelor Thesis in PDF and see the slides, both in Catalan. You can also play with the live demo here.

Mathematics for Engineers Course at Pompeu Fabra University

CityBarcelona, Spain

Date September 2009

Mathematics course oriented to Engineers. 2 ECTS.

Volunteer Experience

Developer at Mozilla


Since 2013 I have contributed to several Firefox bugs as a volunteer developer. My work consisted of updating the developer tools UI and improving the inspector highlighter.

I have also submitted patches to other Mozilla-related projects like Speak to Home and Bugs Ahoy!.

Blog author at


Since 2006, I am the author of the Mozilla Catalan Comunity's blog, member of Mozilla Europe, where I have written more than 1200 posts. I have also translated some Mozilla's web pages and eventually some Firefox add-ons.

I attended FOSDEM 2010 (Brussels) and Mozilla Camp Europe 2008 (Barcelona).

More volunteer experience...
Volunteer at SJVietnam

CityBUOC Village, Mai Châu, Vietnam


In August 2016 I did a volunteer work camp in a small remote village of Vietnam, our goal was to build a water tank and living with the people and children of the town.

Translator at Songbird


I translated Songbird media player and its cross-platform fork called Nightingale into Catalan. Since then I am a member of the non-profit association that promotes the use of the Catalan language on Internet, Softcatalà.

Viquinotícies administrator and bureaucrat at Wikimedia Foundation


I was administrator and bureaucrat in Viquinotícies (Catalan version of Wikinews, the news portal of Wikipedia). Responsibilities included controlling user rights and page restrictions, spam fighting and ensuring copyright respect.

Open-source & pet projects

I created the React library react-lazy-load-image-component which implements a performant and modular way to lazy load images and other components in React. It's also available from npm.

During my Bachelor thesis I programmed a Three.JS library to generate procedural 3D buildings.

In my GitHub profile I have many other small projects.


  • Web: I am an enthusiast of everything related to the web and Internet, I am specially interested in new web technologies like Progressive Web App.
  • Collaboration: I like contributing to nonprofit organizations. I have collaborated with countless of them from very different topics: software (Mozilla, Softcatalà), Internet (Wikipedia and sister projects — I have been Catalan Wikinews administrator) and social.
  • Travel: I love travelling and meeting people from other cultures who can make me learn new ways to understand life.

Additional Skills

I have driving license type B (cars).


  • Spanish (native)
  • Catalan (native)
  • English (high level —FCE since December 2010, I used it regularly the last years)
  • German (basic level —A2 level for Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg, in Germany)

Recommendations and mentions

Albert Juhé Lluveras
Albert has been the main Web developer at Curelator for the last 3 years and was instrumental in the success of the company.
From the corporate website to full React/Flux single page app, doing email templates, PDF-rendered report templates and neat data visualizations, he's an amazing team member who work hard to get things done, the proper way. He's very resourceful yet he doesn't hesitate to ask for help, very humble and great attitude.

, Innovation Lead at Curelator Inc.

Albert Juhé Lluveras
Albert put all my reservations and opposition for having interns to shame.
I was the biggest opponent for hiring an intern to my tech team at Bownty, but was persuaded by my colleagues to try it just once anyway.
Albert amazed me with his can-do attitude, his aptitude for just getting things done, and handing even senior-level complex tasks on time, and well tested.
I was so happy with Alberts performance, that once his internship was over, we hired him on spot as full time employee, where he continued to shine.
I don't know how to give a stronger recommendation than this, but if you ever get the chance to hire Albert as a frontend developer, don't miss out - he will surely exceed any and all expectations.

, CTO at Bownty & CakePHP core developer

Albert Juhé Lluveras
Albert es muy responsable y eficiente.
Es muy buen desarrollador pero además puede atender con eficacia a los clientes en reuniones presenciales o bien virtuales.
Tiene una actitud proactiva frente a todos los proyectos y siempre busca la mejor solución, sea cual sea el entorno de programación.
Sin duda recomiendo a Albert. Si tienes la suerte de contar con él o tenerlo como compañero podrás sentirte afortunado.

, CEO en Sanabre Comunica